Windsong Farm Show Bulldogs, One Year Health Guarantee

1) We guarantee what we produce. In effect this means any puppy or
adult that leaves us, is healthy from communicable disease for 3 days.

2)All genetic, life threatening illness that would occur in the first
year of purchase is covered with a quality puppy in replacement.  This
does not include neglect, abuse, over-heating, or pneumonia. It does
not include paying your vet bills, nor does it cover any breed specific
issues that are non-life threatening when treated.
We wish to mentor
you with your new puppy, please call if you are worried. We are your
breeder, and we want your puppy happy and healthy. Day or night
541-259-2422 Please take your dog to the vet if it is an emergency!

3) Our puppies eat only grain free quality dog food. We expect the
same care when we place a puppy with you. We have separate
instructions and suggestions regarding this.

4) Our puppies come with all age appropriate immunizations. They
are   incomplete due to the age of your puppy, and we expect you to
make sure they finish the series of immunizations, as we will explain
them. We suggest you take your puppy to a "Bulldog" vet who
understands and loves the breed.
Be wary many vets look to you as a
"cash cow" due to the badly bred unhealthy bulldogs, from casual
breeders. This is untrue, and not a fair understanding to the breed.
Sometimes a good breeder will experience more than their vet,
because of our net-working and many years in our breed. Let us help
answer your questions when you have a concern!
TO BE A VET, only you can decide if one is necessary in a emergency.

***We DO NOT cover your puppy if you take them to public places,
when not fully immunized.  Pet Co, rest stops, and dog parks are
very dangerous to a under-immunized pup! You risk your puppy's life
in this! USE COMMON SENSE. Many things can be fatal to a young
pup. Keep them home until 16wks. And a FULL serious of
Then, by all means enjoy your Bulldog! This is just a temporary
development of their immune system. We also don't recommend a
rabies shot until 8-9 months. Serious neurological conditions have
developed in pups younger than this just after their rabies shot. It is
very hard on their system any sooner!***

5) We also desire you to wait until puberty to spay and neuter your
companion. As a responsible pet owner you are in charge of keeping
them from unexpected breeding.  Your dog requires puberty
hormones to grow correctly, and start up certain systems in their
body. If taken away to soon (before 8-9mo), it will delay or stop
these processes.
If we determine you have not spayed/neutered as expected by one
year, and used your companion for breeding we reserve the right to
remove the pet from your home.

6) Any and all manner of litigation is to be in Linn Co. Oregon.
Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.
~Sidney Seward

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